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Natural Burn First-Aid Trifecta!

Want to know what you need in the first aid kit for burns? Here's what I use - and it works!

Sovereign Silver Brand Colloidal Silver for all 2-3rd degree burns for infection. Take this orally (30 sprays up to 7 times daily) right away as its a natural & powerful antibiotic for infections associated with burns. May also be applied topically with a spray bottle.

Lavender essential oil by Young Living Oils applied liberally is also fantastic for 1-2nd degree burns as it INSTANTLY takes the heat out of burns & scalds.

Lastly the homeopathic remedy Cantharus 30C for ANY burning sensation in the body. Take one pellet under the tongue every 15 minutes. I can't tell you how many times I've used this or a kitchen burn from a hot pan- I just used it last night making cookies!

If you have children these are a must-have on the way to the emergency room for burns.

Be sure to have these on hand at all times to mitigate pain & infection-Absolute magic!