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The At Home Totally-Natural Facial

We all love facials but we all can't afford to do them regularly. What with the purchasing of organic food, body work, herbs, supplements, and clean water etc, etc...which we all know can hit us in the pocket book - It takes effort and budgeting in this world to be healthy for sure.

But we must take care of our skin too! 

What do you need to do an At-Home Facial and save a buck? 

  • Natural skin care product line- not all "natural" lines of skin care are truly so. I humbly suggest Enchanted Apothecary handmade metaphysical skincare by Felicia Armstrong. 100% to the core!
  • Tea kettle with purified water (distilled or RO.)
  • Wash cloth and dry hand towel

Simply fire up the kettle and begin to gently steam your face. You'll need to be at least a foot away. CAUTION - maintain this distance so you don't hurt yourself silly!

Apply cleansing oil or cream - preferably. This isn't really a gel cleanser sort of facial but you could do it, gel cleanser typically foams up and this might be too active in the skin.

Gently massage cleanser into the skin. Steam while massaging it into the face, décolleté, and neck, using a hand towel over the head to keep steam corralled around the face.

Massage in a circular upward motion, gently scooping the skin in the reverse direction of gravity in general. The skin will feel softer and softer. Finish by holding pressure points along the ocular cavity of the eye. This is very relaxing and stress reducing.

Take a damp wash cloth and gently steam this over the kettle- taking care not to steam your hand! Shake it out a bit until it's the correct temperature to apply to the face. It it's too hot still shake it out a bit more.

CAUTION - if this is not working, simply pour the remaining kettle water into a glass bowl and add cool water until you can safely add the hand towel and moisten it - we'll use this hot steamy towel on your face for a few minutes - so it should be a bit steamy.

I like to lay on the floor for a minute and allow the steamy cloth to warm my face. It feels great! Then use this same cloth to wipe down your face - removing any cleansing oil or cream. Apply toner, then moisturizer, and eye cream. Don't forget to moisturizer neck and décolleté.

Bask in the glory of low-cost facials at home:) yes!