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Looking for a Health Reset? Call me! Discounts for Detoxification Support & Bodywork Available Now!

I've recently been inspired and I had to share!

I just completed a 15 day Juice Fast Detox, lost about 12 lbs and I feel great! Fasting is something I do several times a year to "clean house" internally, lower inflammation in my body, eliminate carcinogenic substances, reset my diet and my digestion.

But why would YOU want to Fast or Detox your body? 

Benefits of Fasting & Cleansing: 

  • feel better emotionally
  • renewed perspective on life
  • improved mood
  • reset on diet, craving healthy foods over problematic foods. 
  • weight loss
  • removes carcinogenic substances
  • lowers inflammation in the body
  • reduces pain, headaches, arthritis, 
  • balances blood pressure

If you're interested in learning what you can do, whether it be fasting, cleansing or detoxing the body to be HEALTHIER, feel lighter, and happier–Please reach out!!

I'm now offering (for a limited time) a full Detox Support Package including detox consultation, a copy of my fasting & detox book, a one-on-one support with all aspects of fasting during your cleanse (which includes unlimited texting and all necessary guidance) for just $150.

Offer expires November 15th! 

Schedule now! 

Here's a testimonial from one clients recent experience with my Detox Support Package. She feels better than before her cleanse and is now a believer in the power of fasting. Reach out to me and I'll help you look and feel your best going into the winter and holiday season!

"About 6 weeks ago I was at the end of my rope with my body. I was feeling like none of my clothes fit, I was dieting and doing what I could to be physically active but I still had gained weight over the summer. I felt very down emotionally, I was frustrated and needed to do something for myself. I'd met Desiree over the summer and she suggested that I try a fast. I never had done anything like that before, but I did have a juicer (and enjoy freshly made juices) so I thought, "Why not??"

Fasting is the abstaining from solid food: Only ingesting juices, herbal teas and lemon water. Desiree said if I could do 4 days of fasting, then I could do 7 days. She said if I could do 7 days I could do 10 days or more. She was RIGHT! I loved fasting! It was difficult at times but I relied on her for guidance throughout the entire fast. I read her book on juicing and fasting. I fasted for 18 days and lost around 13 lbs! I felt so much better both mentally and physically. I've been trying to maintain the weight loss by fasting at least 1 day per week. It's weeks later now and I still feel so much better than before the fast. I know that fasting will become a part of how I stay well going forward, both mentally and physically."

I was SO proud of her! Way to go Alexis!!

I'm also extending a discount to all my Modern Hippie subscribers on my bodywork services for the month of October!

The bodywork I do with clients is a unique blend of massage, craniosacral, reflexology, essential oil therapy, flower essences and more. A 10% discount puts the price for a session to $67.50. I take all credit cards, checks and of course cash. 

This is me doing some craniosacral therapy on a baby that was just 1 week old. What a joy! We all can benefit from the healing power of touch. I'd love to get you on my table!

This is me doing some craniosacral therapy on a baby that was just 1 week old. What a joy! We all can benefit from the healing power of touch. I'd love to get you on my table!

The Liquid Prescription

I woke this morning as normal between 7 and 8am; bounded down the steps with a load of laundry.  As soon as I hit the bottom step I realized something:  I have absolutely NO pain in my feet.  Normally going down the steps the first time of the day is kind of like walking on painful egg-shells.  

My ankles crack my toes protest. Today, nothing.  

Then I realized that my hands which are normally a little puffy in the morning were completely deflated, no stiffness.  I looked in the mirror and what seemed to be my normal face, but instead of having the crusty, itchy, irritated eyes from seasonal allergies; I hardly have so much as an eye goober.  

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Internal Body Cleansing: Foods that Must be Avoided during a Detox; Part III

Most of the foods below are acid forming.  This is only part of why they made the naughty list but it's very important to become aware of the difference between acid forming foods and alkalizing foods.  Here's the short version of the explanation: The body requires pH balance to function.  The blood for example is ALWAYS between 7.35 and 7.45; side effects of varying outside of that pH window are death.  Since the body creates acid naturally (all the cells of the body do); our bodies (in their infinite genius ness) also have procedures to eliminate the acid.  For example, breathing.  Just the simple act of exhaling eliminates acid.  The body also requires minerals to buffer the acids and get rid of them safely.  If you didn't, every time you urinated you would be burning out the lining in your urethra with acid urine- ouch!  The body buffers the acids with minerals to safely eliminate the wastes we create and control the pH of the body 24 hours a day. These minerals MUST come from foods. If your body doesn't get them from foods, it pulls minerals from places like bones (which is bad).  Mineral rich foods like fruits and vegetables are the answer.  For a complete list of Alkaline and Acid Foods; click here.
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Internal Body Cleansing Part II: The Scoop on Dairy & When NOT to Cleanse.

Let me give you just a little background on dairy so you can fully understand why this is a no-no for cleansing purposes.

Dairy: First and foremost Dairy is acid forming food in the body. There is much to learn on the topic of pH balance but to keep it simple all the bodies organs (accept the stomach) work BEST in a slightly alkaline environment. Also Dairy, yummy as it may be, is mucous forming in the body. So that cold you can't kick or the phlegm in your throat you just cant seem to shake can sometimes be dairy related.

But then you say, "What about my Calcium?"

What's interesting about that (and what the milk industry doesn't want you to know) is that when milk is pasteurized, precious HEALTHY bacteria and enzymes needed for calciums absorption are completely destroyed. Milk IS a good source of Calcium; Unfortunately the milk we have access to commercially (whether it's organic or conventional) contains calcium that is NOT accessible by our body because it lacks the enzymes necessary for us to process it.

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