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What To Do When You Have The Flu

My hubs has the flu; bummer! here's what we're doing:

Homeopathic Oscillococcinum by Boiron - 

FYI - shown in the photo....This is Oscillococcinum - you can either take it as directed - OR you can save some money and make an alcohol based tincture. 

I am making a tincture of Oscillococcinum (the number one flu homeopathic remedy in the world) to save money. One vial of Oscillo per a tincture bottle with 1/4 purified water and 3/4 brandy will last many, many moons!

Take a few drops of your Oscillo-Tincture every few hours for fever, chills, body aches and weakness. 

I also did a few doses of mercurius solubilis (homeopathic remedy for when the patient smells sick, you can smell it on their breath, skin and in the sheets). Followed up today with a few doses of ferrum phosphoricum (homeopathic for mild fever)

  • Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver by Natural Immunogenics. Every 3-4 hours, 4-6 droppers full under the tongue, gargled and then swallowed. Natural Antibacterial & Anti-viral 
  • Wellness Formula by Source Naturals (4 every 5 hours or so) If this bothers your stomach take 2 every 3 hours instead. It's likely the garlic in the tablets that might not go over well with some folks. 
  • Natural Antibacterial & Anti-viral 
  • Potent probiotic (away from antibacterial products).
  • Alternating Thieves Essential Oil and Marjoram Essential Oil by Young Living on the bottoms of the feet 2 times per day. They are Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and stimulates healing. 
  • Inhaled peppermint essential oil last night (YLO) last night for nausea
  • Lots of purified water with minerals (Concentrace Liquid trace minerals by Trace Minerals Research) + a pinch of celtic sea salt in the water as well to support hydration.
  • Fruits, and whole foods such as homemade soup with chicken bone broth, veggies, rice and chopped up chicken. 
  • Tender love and care:)
  • Plenty of rest:)
  • Always consume probiotics a few hours away from antibacterial substances. Always consume homeopathic remedies a few hours away from the use of essential oils like peppermint.

I hope this can help you! AVOID the flu shots (toxic & ineffective), and wash your hands frequently when working with the public or at work. Stock up on a few of these babies to be ready when the time arrises:) 

Lastly - understand that sometimes we must get sick - we MUST purge what it is that our body doesn't like, can't contend with or is "gumming up the works" on a cellular level. 

Fevers are good, they burn away the viruses beautifully. Never suppress a fever with over the counter drugs, especially with children. Allow the body to do it's best to serve you. Homeopathics work with the fever - they never suppress the fever. Which leads to more profound and chronic illnesses later in life. This is the homeopathic and naturopathic perspective. And while it may differ from what is commonly accepted as sound treatment for illness and illness prevention; a shift is no doubt coming as people are not getting the care to be truly WELL. Hopefully I can inspire you here to take charge of your health and make your own decisions on how to care for you and your family:) 

Blessings to each of you !