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Simply Put: Our Freedom to Choose

This isn't a post about vaccine safety or effectiveness. This is a post about freedom of choice. 

Because this is America; and thankfully in America we still have choice. 

The freedom to drink a coke or a beer, to smoke a cigarette or give them up, to eat organic, or cheeseburgers, to take a medication or not, to have a surgery or not, to take medicinal herbs, or medications, to take vitamins or to get a vaccine; to put in YOUR body what you want to - because it's YOUR body. 

Ensure that we retain the choice to care for ourselves and our families in the way that we see fit. 

Please support freedom of choice by signing this petition, which Prohibits the Mandate of any Forced or Required Vaccination. 

The ground that we're treading here is is a very slippery one - once the precedent is set that we can no longer refuse medical treatment, where will it end? 

Will you be required to take a medication to be insured? To get a job? Will they force teachers to be vaccinated based on this precedent? Or massage therapists? Will they force you to take a medication or have a procedure in the name of your best interests? In the name of the greater good? 

No one - and I mean absolutely NO ONE should be able to tell you what to inject into your body - one size does not fit all. Vaccines do damage children, adults, people - no matter what the statistics say about improbability, because there is a chance - we MUST retain our choice. 

If this is important to you, please share it, please sign the petition; whether you believe that vaccines work or they don't - help keep the integrity of our rights firmly in place. 

Be brave:)