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Probiotics Help Colic: My 2¢ on NPR's Segment

Babies with colic benefit from probiotics in Europe according to a segment I heard on NPR this morning... I think it works here in America too! Kudos to NPR for talking about it, although I thought the segment was a touch on the cautious side for a subject that is widely accepted by most doctors. Probiotics help us to be healthier. It's no longer a secret. 

I'd like to respectfully point out a few observations on this article:

Babies need healthy bacteria. Those born vaginally get their first exposure to bacterias in this way, helping to build their immune systems, support healthy digestion and support healthy brain development and cognitive functioning. The amount of healthy bacteria we have in our gut has a direct effect on our ability to be calm under pressure, manage stress and for our brains to function correctly- Thank you vagus nerve! (connects brain and gut directly)

So by contrast babies that are born emergency or schedule section don't get that same exact exposure. Probiotics given to these young ones immediately is a great idea to help offset many early problems babies can have. Colic, failure to thrive, delayed development and more. 

Good brands for baby are Natren Brand and Renew Life Brand:) Great Stuff!

Some of the biggest destroyers of healthy gut flora are pharmaceuticals, vaccines and chlorinated water. Consider the permanent risks of these substances to babies, children and yourselves! 

Trading a lifetime of allergies, asthma, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, autism or any of the other inflammatory response illnesses that can and do result from vaccines, for any perceived protection against diseases like tetanus, chicken pox or measles is questionable at best. I know this is a controversial opinion, but it's mine all the same. Before you vaccinate, educate!

Probiotics DO help us, they DO help babies. Supplementation is often necessary today because we are exposed to so many things that deplete our own natural supply. Don't be scared, a little healthy bacteria can make the difference in health. 

Dismounting the soap box!