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3 Signs Your Liver Cleanse Is Working

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I've been doing this Lemon-Peppermint Liver cleanse for over a month now.

I love this cleanse! It's simple, delicious and easy. It's the first thing I do each day without really thinking about it. Nice how good habits can form like that:)

In the past several weeks I've noticed 3 signs that there is indeed some detoxification happening and it dawned on me yesterday that I should share the observations I've made.

Temple Acne:

Temple acne and/or acne in the eyebrows is out of the ordinary for me; it's been happening frequently recently and at first I didn't make the connection to my liver detox. The temples happen to be the reflex point on the face that corresponds to the liver. You can see subtle tiny dots of red there on my temple in the photo above - and each one of them was a zit in the last 3-4 weeks. The zits were sore, gross and all of them easily "extracted". My liver is doing beautifully!

The face is a map of the entire body, connected by meridians - this is knowledge that has been learned, documented and proven in holistic healing for centuries. 



I had a spot of eczema show up on the inside of my calf about a month ago. Again, I saw it and didn't connect it to my liver detox. But in the last few days it finally went from looking like it was spreading to drying up, moving into a healing phase. This is a great sign that the liver is detoxing and getting a good scrubbing too!

When the liver is congested, bogged down by processed or heavy foods, dealing with false estrogens and other hormonal problems, contending with the continual flow of dirty blood we send through - it pushes things like acne, eczema and psoriasis to the skin. Better out than in - I always say! As you can see from the photo below, the spot is drying up nicely. 

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Eczema and psoriasis can be a major issue! Cleaning up the blood and the bodily filters (kidney and liver) are of paramount importance to heal the body permanently. Dietary changes will also need to be made. Got eczema or psoriasis? Schedule an appointment as I'd be honored to assist you with your healing process. 

Under Eye Darkness or Bags: 

Many deal with this their entire lives. Especially people of color over all different nationalities. White folks struggle with it too though!

Internal work is the best method of improving the look of under eye darkness and bags under the eyes. All the eye brightening eye cream in the world will only get you so far. Don't get me wrong - I love me some natural eye cream - but what's happening internally is the root cause. Let's go to the source!

Puffiness is certainly a sign that the kidneys need some attention.

Kidneys and Livers are bodily filters; when you clean up one, you positively affect the other. When you mistreat one - you mistreat the other. 

Additionally, eyes always correspond to the liver, a problem with one mirrors problems in the other, This is why herbs like Eyebright that support healthy eye function and cure pink eye (for example) also support the liver. Amazing how everything is connected in the body. 

As you can see in the photo below I'm dealing with a bit of puffiness myself. Although I am particularly satisfied with the way the white of my eyes seem to be brighter, clearer and less blood shot than normal. 

Everything I mentioned above is and indicator of shifting that is occurring with this prolonged gentle liver detox. I'm gonna keep on keepin' on with it - as I feel it's working beautifully!  

I'll let you know of any changes or progress! 

Happy Cleansing! 

Eyes are the windows to the soul AND the are also an indicator of health or lack thereof. If the whites of your eyes are chronically blood shot - throw away your harmful eye drops and get to work on the root! Cleaning the liver up! 

Eyes are the windows to the soul AND the are also an indicator of health or lack thereof. If the whites of your eyes are chronically blood shot - throw away your harmful eye drops and get to work on the root! Cleaning the liver up! 

A Lovely Lemon-Peppermint Liver Flush

I put this together this morning for my Sister Destinee; who treated me to a much needed massage yesterday. She's about to embark on a few months of gentle liver cleansing and this is a great way to start that anyone can do.

Combine the strained juice of two organic lemons and three drops of high-vibration essential oil of peppermint in a half pint caning jar. (high vibration EO's is hippie-speak for the "good stuff") Young Living Brand, Be Young or Doterra will do just fine.

Pour yourself 1 tbsp of the lemon/peppermint combo into a shot glass and add 1oz room temperature water. Send it down the hatch first thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything - everyday for the rest of your life. (Kidding- but you could do this very regularly as it's so beneficial).

This will help to prepare the stomach for food, alkalize the body (add minerals) and prompt the liver to secrete bile; a cleansing and digestive process for better elimination.

Love your liver! It does a lot!