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Internal Body Cleansing: Foods that Must be Avoided during a Detox; Part III

Most of the foods below are acid forming.  This is only part of why they made the naughty list but it's very important to become aware of the difference between acid forming foods and alkalizing foods.  Here's the short version of the explanation: The body requires pH balance to function.  The blood for example is ALWAYS between 7.35 and 7.45; side effects of varying outside of that pH window are death.  Since the body creates acid naturally (all the cells of the body do); our bodies (in their infinite genius ness) also have procedures to eliminate the acid.  For example, breathing.  Just the simple act of exhaling eliminates acid.  The body also requires minerals to buffer the acids and get rid of them safely.  If you didn't, every time you urinated you would be burning out the lining in your urethra with acid urine- ouch!  The body buffers the acids with minerals to safely eliminate the wastes we create and control the pH of the body 24 hours a day. These minerals MUST come from foods. If your body doesn't get them from foods, it pulls minerals from places like bones (which is bad).  Mineral rich foods like fruits and vegetables are the answer.  For a complete list of Alkaline and Acid Foods; click here.
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My First, My Last, My Everything

Ok, so this is my very first ever blog post.  whew- feels good!  I think this morning I'll talk about what's at the forefront of my mind.  Breakfast.  They say that Wheaties™ are the breakfast of champions. Or maybe it's bacon and eggs?  

From what I'm learning at school and in my own adventures in eating, it's neither.  The true breakfast of champions is a bit on the boring side, maybe even a bit further to the granola side.  And no it's not granola either. 

It's juice.  100% freshly squeezed vegetable juice with a small amount of fruit.  If you don't have a juicer but you've thought about the investment even once,  put down your half-cafe soy latte and go get one!  It really doesn't matter the brand at first,  I got mine at Costco about 5 years ago and she's still juicin' strong.

Juice IS the breakfast of champions for 3 main reasons. 

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