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The Perfect Cup of Decaf: The Joy of The Pour-Over

Trying to cut back on caffeine? 

Pour yourself the best cup of organic decaf money can buy; learn to make a "Pour-Over" style cup of joe at the video above.

In big cities all over the country the Pour-Over is all the rage right now. Pour-Over style coffee is a method of making coffee, like french press or drip coffee - but in my opinion this is better, a happy and better quality version somewhere in between.  

Pour-Overs are made at high-end coffee shops and are AMAZING for the hard-core coffee lover. However it's hard to find a place that makes one sometimes (although Starbucks is doing it now upon request, but they DO use a plastic funnel to make them which I hate!) The Pour-Over Cup is usually pretty expensive in a coffee shop. But you can learn to make one at home, inexpensively - and for fun!

Why Pour-Over? 

When you make coffee in this way, you unlock the flavor, aroma and the tiny nuances of different blends of coffee. Chocolate notes, fruity notes etc, become more pronounced.

What You Need; How to Do it.

  • If you're going to do coffee - ALWAYS do organic, avoiding pesticides and harmful solvents for decaffeinated blends.
  • Pick up a Kalita Glass pour-over funnel and glass container to make the Pour-Over
  • Buy unbleached cone style coffee filters (I buy mine inexpensively from Trader Joes #2 size)
  • Grind your coffee fine for best results
  • Pour slowly - a pour over should take about 2-3 minutes. 

Check out the video and reach out with questions:)