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Bomb Your Drain! How To Unplug A Drain Without Chemicals.


Remember science class?

We made little volcanoes that erupted with vinegar, baking soda and a dash of red food coloring. Good times...

Today I put that science lesson to work in the tub. My drain has been progressively moving slower and slower (lots of hair on this head), so instead of getting draino which has NASTY chemicals that virtually can't be removed from the water supply, I decided to try it au-natural. Guess what?? IT WORKS! 

Here's what I did:

  • To the best of my ability with a sharp object, removed the hair from the drain. Yes, gross, but necessary. 
  • Filled the drain with 1 cup of baking soda (approximately)
  • Poured a nice long swig of vinegar down the drain and let it foam up like crazy for a while. 
  • I repeated that once for good measure. 
  • Meanwhile I had been boiling about 2 gallons of water on the stove which I then poured straight into the drain. Use potholders so you have a nice grip!
  • I repeated the baking soda and vinegar part one more time and did one more round of water. Boom! Done! Drain is flowing like a champ!

Recently I learned through my studies of feng shui that clogged drains in the home are BAD news energetically speaking. Since we are made of mostly water, having a drain that is stopped up mirrors this same dysfunction back to us. Can you say water retention? How about congestion in the sinuses? 

I've been struggling with water retention for the past week or so; maybe it's related, maybe it's not. But I feel better about the drain freely flowing and that's makes it worth the time to do it naturally for me. Now with my intention set to a more balanced state in the home, my body will automatically follow suit. 

Hope this works for you!