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Internal Body Cleansing Part II: The Scoop on Dairy & When NOT to Cleanse.

Let me give you just a little background on dairy so you can fully understand why this is a no-no for cleansing purposes.

Dairy: First and foremost Dairy is acid forming food in the body. There is much to learn on the topic of pH balance but to keep it simple all the bodies organs (accept the stomach) work BEST in a slightly alkaline environment. Also Dairy, yummy as it may be, is mucous forming in the body. So that cold you can't kick or the phlegm in your throat you just cant seem to shake can sometimes be dairy related.

But then you say, "What about my Calcium?"

What's interesting about that (and what the milk industry doesn't want you to know) is that when milk is pasteurized, precious HEALTHY bacteria and enzymes needed for calciums absorption are completely destroyed. Milk IS a good source of Calcium; Unfortunately the milk we have access to commercially (whether it's organic or conventional) contains calcium that is NOT accessible by our body because it lacks the enzymes necessary for us to process it.

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