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Low On Iron? Try this Root for Anemia & Digestion Support

Yellow Dock in early summer. 

Yellow Dock in early summer. 

Yellow Dock is everywhere.

It's a subtle plant that has big benefits for our bodies. The root should be dug up in fall when the top of the plant has turned completely brown. It's roots are- not surprisingly, bright yellow (thus the name yellow dock) This key identifier is a good way to know you have the right plant.

Once the roots have been dug up, split them and chop them up as soon as possible, waiting more than a day or two will give you a difficult task as they get hard quickly. 

Yellow Dock is high in food based, non-constipating iron and has the ability to correct anemia in a matter of days. Iron supplements don't compare as they are created in a lab and are not as naturally assimilated by the body as plants. Plants do a better job of putting minerals into a usable form for animals and humans through the process of photosynthesis. Mother nature will not be outdone with her ability to make foods & plants that heal!

Yellow Dock is a natural blood cleanser. It supports the livers production of bile, which is created from toxins that the liver filters. These toxins, once turned into bile- are used by the body to break down dietary fats. Bile also has a natural laxative effect. In this way Yellow Dock is used for constipation as it will support the livers role in digestive function.

Yellow Dock is used for many conditions of the skin. It takes time to cleanse the blood so don't expect results over night- but with time and diligence Yellow Dock can provide relief from acne, psoriasis, eczema and shingles.

It can also be used topically for boils and shingles and should be taken internally for those conditions as well.

I love the "doctrine of signature" with this plant as it's yellow root can be used to treat jaundice (a yellowing of the skin). It has an action that can bring relief when the jaundice is due to gallbladder congestion. Though conventional science has dismissed the doctrine of signature as superstitious, I find this is an ignorant way to proceed.

Thinking in this way is a fruitful endeavor as it taps into a much more intuitive part of our beings than most of us connect with on a regular basis. There are many examples of doctrine of signature with food that are widely known and accepted. Why should herbs be any different? 

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the same plant two months later in August- ready for harvest!chop it into thin slices for tinctures or teassome nice big roots I dug up over the weekend. this will make good medicine for me and anyone else who needs it:)