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Tell Me Your Juice-Story! Here's Mine!

Tell me why you started juicing, how it's changed your health for the better and your favorite recipe!

I'll select parts of all of your comments for my upcoming eBook to be released in the fall. 

Juicing for me started in 2005 out in sunny southern California. I began working for a small Whole Foods Market in the vitamin section. My co-workers were so experienced with herbs, vitamins and ways to be healthier naturally. I took to it like a duck to water! My job was to help people find what they were looking for to take charge of their own health- And I loved it! It was an exciting time for me, I was in my mid twenties and there was always something fun to do with my crew from "The Foods". Good times...


I was really into making smoothies at that time, when my Mom saw a juicer at Costco for a good price. She bought it in Michigan and mailed it out to me in California! I have my Mom to thank for so much already- And I owe my juicing passion to her as well. Thanks Mom!

I started with the basics, lot's of carrots, oranges. Nothing too fancy or elaborate. I juiced occasionally. I had a really small kitchen at the time and juicing on a daily basis never entered my mind. 


Fast forward 3 years later to 2008, I moved home to Michigan when my only brother Dusty was tragically killed in a car accident. Needless to say our family was and is devastated by this. I knew back then that I couldn't be in California without my family any longer. I uprooted and moved back in with my parents at 28 years old. 

It was a difficult time, being home after 7 years, losing Dusty. We all did the best we could to mend our broken hearts. I had no idea where life was taking me.


6 months to the day after Dusty was killed, I met my husband in a chance encounter on a golf course in the fall of 08'. We fell in love almost instantly and I moved in with him before Christmas. After our wedding in 2009, I knew that I had to make some changes in life and health. I was always so interested in natural health but I had no formal education. After taking a class on medicinal plants in the summer of 2010 I decided the time had come. I enrolled at a Naturopathic Institute in Carl & I just after we met in 2008Michigan. Part of their curriculum was to read the book, "Your Health, Your Choice" By Dr. M. Ted Morter.

While the book can be dogmatic at times, what really stuck with me is the concept of mineral storage in the body. When we don't stock up on minerals from fruits, vegetables and herbs, we can become depleted. We start writing mineral "checks" that our butt's can't cash! Running low on minerals is the basis for most disorders and diseases. I was reborn in natural health after reading this book and my juicing career began. 


Make sure you get THIS specific edition OR the first edition. The 2009 edition was printed with so many typo's it's very distracting. Purchase from Amazon so you can return it if need be. Juicing is the fastest way to build your body. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, and enzymes are a recipe for healing the intestinal tract, having more energy, staying young longer and keeping disease and disorder at bay. It's a delicious enterprise too, it's a labor of love. Since then I've done 4 or more juice fasts per year. I juice each morning or consume only fresh fruit until 11:00 or so most days.  I feel energized, and have no need for caffeine. I love trying different combinations but I'm also a helpless creature of habit. My standby juice concoction is carrot, apple, and celery with the occasional addition of ginger. 

Juicing works for me. Tell me how it works for you at!