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The Erin Brochovich of GMO's: What's Changed In Food

If you live in a L.A. or on the cornfields of Iowa, if you wear a suit and heels to work or throw your jeans and head to the factory; you still eat food grown in the United States.  We all do.  You and your children likely eat corn, soy, dairy and meat all in any given day.  Our diet as Americans hasn't changed much since farming went industrialized nearly 50 years ago now, so why in the last 15 years have we seen the explosion of food allergies?  It's not just a hunch, it's a fact:

Between 1997 and 2002 peanut allergies doubled in the US; Currently 1 in 17 American child under the age of 3 has a food allergy.

This Food Analyst turned Food Activist, Robyn O'Brien describes how her youngest child had an allergic reaction at the breakfast table one morning which inspired her research into why we have so many more allergies now than we did 20 years ago.  She discovered changes to the agriculture industry made via the engineering of our food which created hefty bottom lines for the food industry but has also created unintended consequences for "we the people".

This 18 minute video is a must-watch for Mom's, Dad's, Students, Teachers, Line workers, Entrepreneurs, Nurses & Doctors, in short; For every American who eats.  I think that's everybody.

Robyn and her lovely babies that spawned her mission to find out what was in our food- She's smart, beautiful and hell bent on educating others about the dangers of GMO's.