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Thinking of Getting Pregnant? Necessary Nutrients BEFORE Conception

Are you thinking of having a baby?  Are you like us and you just don't know yet? Either way, preparation is as imporant as the decision itself. Before you take the plunge of mixing gene pools, consider spending several years building your body with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant rich foods BEFORE conception.  

Why is this important? 

It's very commonly known that a woman should take folic acid for babies free from birth defects.  But did you know what really matters is that women get plenty-o-folic before the baby is even conceived?  YES! Women that consume the recommended 400mcg of Folate per day prior to conception lower the chances of still births and miscarriages up to 50%!

Why is the nutrition of the mother prior to conception so important? Everything the child is, comes from what the mother has to offer. Every health concern of the mother affects the baby.  Consider this when deciding to get pregnant if you're on prescription medications which can have repercussions. 

One small study done recently links the incidence of autism in children to their mothers on zoloft, prozak and other SSRI's(selective seratonin uptake inhibitors).  Children born from mothers on these prescriptions during and prior to pregnancy are twice as likely to have a baby with autism.  The current rate of autism in the US according to one reputable source is 140 per 10,000 babies born ages 6 to 11; compared to the 1980's rates of 2 per 10,000 babies born. If you on one of these drugs and are interested in ways to get off of them prior to conception, please reach out to me at

What about herbs and nutrition? 

There are 3 bottom line nutrients the mother must have prior to conception and during the pregnancy.  

  • Red Raspberry:  Trusted and loved Herb of women around the world, nutrient rich, strengthening and toning to the uterus, regulating to the menstrual cycle and a darn tasty herbal tea.
  • HSN-W: (from Natures Sunshine) Strengthens the very structure of the body along with connective tissues, promotes proper assimilation of Calcium and gives antioxidant protection.  Need some?  Ask me!
  • Spirulina: Richest known vegetable source of protein available, great for digestion, energy, and rich in chlorophyll, phytonutrients, immune supportive, the list goes on and on...

If you really want to get crazy here's the other heavy-hitter pre conception nutrients:  I give a brief description and a link to a quality source.

Vitamin A: Antioxidant/Vitamin; Needed for immune support, eye health, mucous membrane health, anything that is not utilized as a carotenoid (food source vitamin A) circulates through the body and acts as an antioxidant protecting the body from free radicals.  Free radicals create cellular instability which in turn contributes to the aging process, cancer and other diseases. 

B-Complex: Doesn't need much explanation but over all it helps with every function of the human body and greatly contributes to the way we feel, B-Vitamins are energizing catalyst for life!

Vitamin C: (1000mg): Vitamin C energizes every other mineral taken in the body, it boosts immunity & provides antioxidant protection. 

D3: Get it in for Bone Health, mood support, and it reduces premature births by HALF!

Vitamin E: Vitamins for Dads-to-be TOO! May increase fertilization rates from 19 to 29% in males trying to conceive.  The antioxidant vitamin E may make the sperm more fertile!

Cod Liver Oil:  Have more intelligent children! 1000-2000mg per day:)

Calcium:  Well stocked calcium in the body helps to ensure less pain during labor, helps to also keep moms free of back pain and muscle pain throughout the pregnancy.

My professor up at school always says, "Wanna have a baby? Build your body up for 5 years with the right nutrients beforehand".  Does this mean that you HAVE to wait 5 years? NO, but it gives you some insight into how long it actually takes one to nutritionally build the body up. We don't deteriorate our health overnight, nor do we build health overnight. 

According to her (and it seems to make sense); the last thing you want to do is rush your body into having a baby. Especially if you have been on birth control for a while (as I had from age 16 to 26); You would want to wait a few years to get the birth control completely out of the body, to regulate the cycle, strengthen the uterus, build the minerals and regulate the hormones.  Herb's like Black Cohosh will help to regulate the amount of estrogens remaining in the body from birth control. I also make this tincture at home if your interested in buying it from me. 

If Carl and I ever do decide to have a baby (the jury is out on this one) I know that I will be putting time, money and thought into my health prior to conception to make it the best, most beautiful and joyous pregnancy and birth experience possible.

I know no pregnancy is perfect, but why not try and get it as close as possible?