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Why Raw Goat's Milk?

There are many reasons to drink Raw Goats Milk-
If you're lucky enough to find an organically fed, no anti-biotic treated and 100% holistically geared farm; you've found liquid gold. Raw goats milk tastes absolutely delicious, it varies of course based on the time of year and what they are eating-be it clover, grass or hay. I think it tastes like heaven:)
It's wonderfully nutritious. And for those of us with mild to severe intollerances to dairy (which most of us have- even if we don't know it), Raw Goats milk is the best thing since sliced bread! Here are a few of the benefits:
  • Goats milk is easier to digest because it does not have agglutinin making naturally homogenized.  
  • It contains more of the EFA's linoleic & arachnodonic acids, along with a higher proportion of easy to digest short-chain & medium-chain fatty acids. 
  • Goat's milk contains only trace amounts of an allergenic casein protein, alpha-S1, found in cow's milk.
  • It contains slightly lower levels of lactose (4.1% versus 4.7% in cow's milk),
  • Goat's milk contains 13% more calcium, 25% more vitamin B-6, 47% more vitamin A, 134% more potassium, & 3X's more niacin. It is also 4X's higher in copper.
  • It contains 27% more of the antioxidant selenium than cow's milk.
  • Goat's milk contains an abundance of the mineral fluorine (different than fluoride- which is poisonous). This trace mineral strengthens the bones, teeth, supports the immune system, helps you absorb calcium & more!

Raw Goat's Milk is wonderful for children; especially babies that are allergice to everything else. The combination of raw goats milk and organic carrot juice is reommended for sickly infants that can't or won't breastfeed or they are allergic to formula.

Goat's milk MUST be raw to maintain it's benfits, pasteurization kills the healthy bacteria, rendering it useless for the absorbtion of the minerals it contains. Additionally killing those precious healthy bacteria that we all so desperately need for our immune health and the health of the intestinal tract. 

If you have questions about Raw Goat's Milk, please reach out to me at for more information.