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Why the Federal Government/Monsanto Revolving Door is BAD.

Why is this this revolving door between the Federal Government & Monsanto Corporation a BAD thing?

Because Monsanto controls the majority of the seed patents, they control a vast majority of the food supply. The Federal Government should be regulating (with the FDA & the EPA) the quality & safety of the GMO food grown from Monsanto seed.

Instead of being objective as they should, these Federal Agencies are strategically populated with individuals that have either worked for, consulted for or were board members for Monsanto Corporation interests.

This is a HUGE conflict of interest. Monsanto can develop any kind of seed, with any sort of genetic trait like built-in pesticides & herbicides. Genes from insects, bacteria, viruses, animals, & humans are injected into GMO seed to produce "desirable" traits. Monsanto puts enormous pressure on unsuspecting farmers and nations around the world to buy their seed; without being tested to ensure safety in the environment & for consumption long term.

These foods are readily approved; called "substantially equivalent" to non-GMO seed. It's all orchestrated perfectly as the people that developed these monstrosities at Monsanto now sit at the helm of the governing bodies charged with the duty to approve foods for OUR safety.

GMO Foods:

  • Contibute to the instances of allergic reactions (which have been on the rise since their widespread use)

  • Wreak havoc on the digestive tract of sensitive individuals and livestock; animals given the choice between GMO and Non-GMO, choose Non-GMO to eat instinctually.

  • Are in part what is destroying the Bee population; known as Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. It has been said that if the bees were to die out Mankind would not last more than 4 years after since we rely on their pollinating for much of our food supply.

  • GMO foods contribute greatly to the destruction of the environment as many of the seeds REQUIRE specific pesticides to be used to raise a crop. Monsanto sells the seeds and conveniently the pesticides used to grow them.

  • GMO seed has built in pesticides and herbicides that destroy the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut. These pesticidal and herbicidal residues have recently been proven to be found in the digestive tract of those consuming GMO foods.

How do you avoid GMO foods?

  • Avoid Corn and products made with corn, corn oil, corn syrup, corn products. UNLESS they are Organic.

  • Avoid Soy and products made with soy, soybean oil and soy products. UNLESS they are Organic.

  • Avoid Cottonseed Oil: One of the most harmful and toxic of oils- avoid this like the plague as it is carcinogenic!

  • Avoid Canola and Canola Oil; Many products contain this and all the other oils; Avoid entirely UNLESS Organic.

  • Unfortunately, recently we've added Alfalfa to the list which is SUCH a nutritious food and is used widely to feed livestock. It will be very difficult to ensure the integrity of Organic Livestock with the approval of this GMO crop.