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Remedies For Acute Reactions Immediately Following Vaccinations


I'm trying to take this quote to heart myself!Acute treatment of vaccination reactions may help to mitigate the damage that vaccinations can cause.

The topic of vaccination is a heated one. If you do choose to vaccinate, learn everything you can from a diverse assortment of "bodies of knowledge" on the subject. Also working with homeopathic remedies and/or a homeopathic physician if you do decide to vaccinate is recommended. Homeopathy can remove the effects of vaccinations in an child or an adult many years after vaccinations have taken place. The sphere of removing effects of vaccinations belongs to the homeopath; the choice to vaccinate, partially vaccinate or not vaccinate belongs to the parents. 

Ledum palustre (aka Ledum)

Nondescript reactions for any vaccination. Ledum is specific for DPT vaccination. Ledum is often used for puncture wounds as with a sharp instrument or for a poisonous bite. With Ledum, the arm or leg looks bruised with black and blue discoloration. The area around the vaccination may be dark, bruised, sore, achy and infected looking. It does not heal well. In this situation, The Homeopathic Remedy Ledum 30C is recommended. 

Hepar sulph (aka Hep)

When the vaccination site does not heal, Pus formation is prominent and the area is sensitive to the touch

Hypericum (aka Hyp)

Indicated for nondescript vaccination reactions, especially where a sharp, short pain is present. Hypericum is a remedy for injury to parts rich in nerves and puncture wounds. 

Belladonna (aka Bell)

High fever. The Whole arm or leg swells up, throbs and is hot to the touch. Vaccinate area is inflamed, red and warm. Skin is flushed, hot and dry with fever. Restless sleep- can scream out in sleep. The conditions associated are always made worse from touch, noise, light and cold air with Belladonna cases. The pupils are dilated, the individual is better from warmth. 

Apis mellifica (aka Apis)

Vaccinated area swells up. It feels worse from heat, individual wants cold on it. May develop itchy hives-worse from heat. Face may swell up; edema of face with red rosy hue and itchy watery eyes. 

Pulsatilla (aka Puls)

Indicated for MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccinations. The reaction signs are these: A measle-like rash. Swelling of the glands in the neck, jaw and throat-characteristic of mumps. Pulsatilla keynotes to look for are as follows: Tearful, desiring company and consolation. Worse heat. Better from cold compresses, cool temperatues, being outside, moving around. Individuals can be cold sensitive. 

Gelsemium (aka Gels)

To be though of for acute reaction to the polio vaccination. Look for Gelsemium keynotes of muscular weakness, trembling, exhaustion, sleepiness, dizziness and fever with chills.

Zincum metallicum (aka Zinc)

To be thought of for acute reaction to Polio vaccinations. Restlessness at night during sleep. There is a a state of irritation in the nervous system. Child wakes with a shrill irritating cry at night following vaccination. Can have restless feet. 

Lathyrus sativus (aka Lath)

To be thought of after Polio vaccinations where there is paralysis particularly of the lower extremities. If in this situation- see a homeopathic physician. 

The recommended potency for acute vaccination reactions is 30C. Recommended usage is 2-3 times a day depending on the severity of the reaction. Reduce frequency of usage with improvement. Stop taking when improvement is well established or if symptoms change (switching remedies may be needed if symptoms change). See a homeopathic physician if condition does not improve within a few days. 

For more information on vaccinations click this link: National Vaccine Information Center

For information on how to legally avoid forced vaccinations send away for this book: This book informs the reader of the legal rights to refuse vaccinations and explains how to excercise those rights. 

"How to Legally Avoid Immuniations of All Kinds" by Grace Girdwain (215) 536-1900

**ALL CONTENT OF THIS POST WAS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM: Homeopathic Medicine at Home, Karl E. Robinson M.D.  It is not intended to treat or cure any disease, but to educate those who are searching for alternatives to post vaccination care and vaccination information. If you have a medical emergency seek a medical doctors care.

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