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I've recently been inspired and I had to share!

I just completed a 15 day Juice Fast Detox, lost about 12 lbs and I feel great! Fasting is something I do several times a year to "clean house" internally, lower inflammation in my body, eliminate carcinogenic substances, reset my diet and my digestion.

But why would YOU want to Fast or Detox your body? 

Benefits of Fasting & Cleansing: 

  • feel better emotionally
  • renewed perspective on life
  • improved mood
  • reset on diet, craving healthy foods over problematic foods. 
  • weight loss
  • removes carcinogenic substances
  • lowers inflammation in the body
  • reduces pain, headaches, arthritis, 
  • balances blood pressure

If you're interested in learning what you can do, whether it be fasting, cleansing or detoxing the body to be HEALTHIER, feel lighter, and happier–Please reach out!!

I'm now offering (for a limited time) a full Detox Support Package including detox consultation, a copy of my fasting & detox book, a one-on-one support with all aspects of fasting during your cleanse (which includes unlimited texting and all necessary guidance) for just $150.

Offer expires November 15th! 

Schedule now! 

Here's a testimonial from one clients recent experience with my Detox Support Package. She feels better than before her cleanse and is now a believer in the power of fasting. Reach out to me and I'll help you look and feel your best going into the winter and holiday season!

"About 6 weeks ago I was at the end of my rope with my body. I was feeling like none of my clothes fit, I was dieting and doing what I could to be physically active but I still had gained weight over the summer. I felt very down emotionally, I was frustrated and needed to do something for myself. I'd met Desiree over the summer and she suggested that I try a fast. I never had done anything like that before, but I did have a juicer (and enjoy freshly made juices) so I thought, "Why not??"

Fasting is the abstaining from solid food: Only ingesting juices, herbal teas and lemon water. Desiree said if I could do 4 days of fasting, then I could do 7 days. She said if I could do 7 days I could do 10 days or more. She was RIGHT! I loved fasting! It was difficult at times but I relied on her for guidance throughout the entire fast. I read her book on juicing and fasting. I fasted for 18 days and lost around 13 lbs! I felt so much better both mentally and physically. I've been trying to maintain the weight loss by fasting at least 1 day per week. It's weeks later now and I still feel so much better than before the fast. I know that fasting will become a part of how I stay well going forward, both mentally and physically."

I was SO proud of her! Way to go Alexis!!

I'm also extending a discount to all my Modern Hippie subscribers on my bodywork services for the month of October!

The bodywork I do with clients is a unique blend of massage, craniosacral, reflexology, essential oil therapy, flower essences and more. A 10% discount puts the price for a session to $67.50. I take all credit cards, checks and of course cash. 

This is me doing some craniosacral therapy on a baby that was just 1 week old. What a joy! We all can benefit from the healing power of touch. I'd love to get you on my table!

This is me doing some craniosacral therapy on a baby that was just 1 week old. What a joy! We all can benefit from the healing power of touch. I'd love to get you on my table!

Improve Your Dogs Health Now–GO RAW!

You may have been able to tell by a few of my posts as of late, we got a puppy. My boy, Buckley.

He's a fun-loving, stunningly gorgeous, hilarious and stubborn Australian Shepherd Poodle mix and I'm COMPLETELY in love. So what's an all natural girl like me feeding an all-natural dog? 

Raw meat, gently cooked vegetables and ALL whole foods. (in a nutshell) I'll get to more details on what I'm feeding, but first let me tell you why I'm feeding him this way.

Why Raw? Is it Safe?

Good quality raw meat for dogs is safe, and their native diet. Wild dogs have eaten raw meat for millions of years. Wolves (for which our canine counterparts are direct descendants), live in packs, hunt, kill and eat. They get mild worm infestations, but as they grow and thrive, their bodies become immune to the ill effects of these worms. They live, survive and thrive on raw meat. Worms are a problem for sure, they leach nutrition from your dog and while they're young this is extremely bad for their health. There are LOT'S of natural de-worming protocols (some of which are in this post). If you're in the Detroit area go check out The Pet Beastro on John R in Madison Heights, they have everything you need to de-worm (and feed) the natural way. 

Here' he is chowing down– Go BOY GO! 

Here' he is chowing down– Go BOY GO! 

SO - As with humans, it's important to eat the diet that we've best evolved for. For dogs, it's pretty simple. Raw meat, bone, ligaments, organ meats and some veggies etc., are exactly what they should be eating. Anything else is like eating fast food every single day for your entire life. Live foods are vital, dead foods are DEAD. 

Although raw meat, livers and ligaments seem pretty gross to us, (I know), DOG's LOVE IT! It is what they instinctually crave–And they get healthy on it too. I'm not saying you can't feed any kibble, but less is best. For now, we're skipping the kibble and doing all raw. That's my choice to try to get him as healthy as possible and as strong as he's growing SO fast. 

Pretty and Delicious

Pretty and Delicious


There are good kibbles and bad kibbles and lots of in-between-kibbles too. Buckley is beating back the worms and yeast at this moment so we're feeding 100% raw meat, bone and whole foods for now. Go to my friend Jill's Website (or her storefront) for the very best all-natural dog food money can buy. She ships all over the country. 

Fact: 99% of all dog problems could be fixed with proper diet.

Fact: 75% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 

(LOL) And while I'm not certain what the percentage is of dog ailments that could be cured by feeding raw, I do know this: Feeding raw is the natural way for a dog to eat. With all the problems our dogs are afflicted with from thyroid problems to allergies to behavioral issues - they need to eat correctly (just like us), to be well both physically and mentally. 

So if you're dog "has issues", consider the following regiment of food. 

***Disclaimer, I'm NOT a dog expert, for that I defer to Jill at the Pet Beastro in Madison Heights, Michigan. She's good, DAMN good. And she's trained exactly as I am, except she works with animals. I don't know how much to feed your dog, for that you'll want to find ask a holistically minded vet exactly what to feed. But a good rule of thumb is the details below:

How much to feed (approximately):

  • Toy Size Dog:  1-2 cups (of this type of food)
  • Small Dog (up to 20 lbs) : About 3-4 cups
  • Medium Dog (up to 40 lbs) : About 6-7 cups
  • Large Dogs (up to 80 lbs) : About 8-9 cups
  • Giant Dogs (80 lbs +) : About 9-10 cups

If you can see your dogs ribs sticking out, he's too thin. Puppies should be fed 3-4 times per day.

So, Food ...

Here's what I'm feeding the Buckmeister. 

  • Answers + Raw Food (this is a complex of raw meat, bone, vegetables, oils, and more.) If you want, you can just feed this food with nothing else. It gets more expensive this way, but they can live on just this if it's convenient for you. 
  • 1 Raw Egg Per Day for shiny coats (good quality only, free range, organic or better)
  • Wheat Germ (ground up, great source of vitamin E)
  • Heavy sprinkle of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (for the worms and other parasites)
  • A handful of chopped up raw dandelion leaves (either from the garden or from the produce section, great source of vitamin C and it's a wonderful digestive food.)
  • 2 TBSP Nutritional Yeast Flakes per day (high in B-Vitamins, this keeps away the bugs, fleas and improves their overall health)
  • I rotate (a little over 1 cup per day) of any of the following Organic foods: Soaked (then cooked) Steal Cut Oatmeal, Cooked Potatoes, Cooked Sweet Potatoes, Cooked Carrots, (Soaked and Cooked) Amaranth, Barley, Millet, Brown Rice or other whole food. 
  • A few tsp per day of Raw Garlic (for worms and overall health)
  • And yes, Raw Bones. 

I put all this together in the morning and spoon it into a bowl for him 3 times per day (since he's a pup).  The Answers + Raw Food is really easy as it comes in a milk carton frozen. You just thaw it and spoon it out into a glass container. I stick a bit of wax paper down in the carton to keep it extra fresh as it sits for almost a week in the fridge. After you've spooned the Answers plus into a container, add your veggies, add your dandelion, potatoes, rice, diatomaceous earth, wheat germ, nutritional yeast, eggs or whatever you've decided to use. Add a bit of water, stir and serve.

I usually add a generous sprinkle of more nutritional yeast before serving as it makes the food SO good for them. Think of it as a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on your spaghetti! I also add a bit of warm water to the concoction before I sit it down in front of him as refrigerator-cold food isn't good for their digestion.

More Supplements, Fruit Etc: 

I'm also giving him coconut oil (adding a little liquid coconut oil to his food here and there). Also I let him drink whatever herbal tea I'm sipping,  (usually with a bit of bone broth–which he LOVES). I've never seen a dog drink a liquid like my boy puts back bone broth. He practically slurps it out of the bowl. Here's a SUPER easy way to make bone broth. 

He also likes bananas, apples, pears and so far raw coconut too. Although he does play with it a while before he actually eats it. Apparently grapes are toxic to dogs, so don't make that mistake. 

Raw Bones:

I like to give him a couple of raw bones per week at least. I'll give them everyday if I have them. I always have him do it in the kitchen or outside as it gets pretty messy. You'll also want to keep an eye on them (especially at firstIt's amazing to watch a dog take down a raw chicken thigh. It gives you an idea how powerful their jaws really are! They need the bone to clean their teeth–and for adequate calcium for their bones, teeth and overall health.  They can eat all different kinds of raw bones, but cooked bones are toxic and are a choke hazard as well. Yep, dogs in the wild eat bone, and so should your BFF. :)

I'm doing a worm protocol per the holistic vet too, (Dr. Leveque in Berkley, MI), which included a homeopathic remedy and an enzyme. This with the black walnut powder (again, I combine it with bone broth), raw garlic and diatomaceous earth ought to help me get the worms down to a minimum.  I know that they will never really go away completely, and that's ok. He's a dog, he's evolved to get some worms and if fed correctly, keep them in check. It's when a dog is fed poorly, and has worms, that they get into trouble. 

Enjoy the Process, Make Mistakes – And LEARN from them: We don't know what we don't know. 

I HAVE made mistakes already. One day I fed him too much venison and he puked ALL over the carpet. When trying a new meat for your dog, tread lightly and feed on the short side just to make sure it's well tolerated. If you're trying to switch your dog over to a whole food diet, begin by adding whole foods to their kibble, slowly increasing the ratio of whole food to kibble as you go. Do your best and learn all you can. Pick up a copy of Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health For Dogs & Cats on This book helped tremendously!

I'm enjoying the process of raising a good doggy-boy. He's happy and healthier by the minute, growing like a weed and bringing me a whole LOT of joy. I'd love for him to stick around as long as possible. I'm told by my breeder that dogs that are minimally vaccinated and that eat raw can live 20-25 years (similar to cats). And that's my goal here. A happy, healthy dog that lives to a ripe old age with a good quality of life. 

Cheers to your dog's health, and to yours~! Thanks for reading!

The Sandford Lake Special Needs Camp Experience

Sanford Lake Special Needs Camp is such a rich experience. It's all of the stuff of life, rolled into three days.

It's fun, messy, sad, painful, relaxing, exciting, moving, tearful, joyous, frustrating and rewarding. It's hard work! It's also gargantuously inspiring.

This weekend helps me gain perspective on what's important. Namely- love. People with special needs - need love, praise, healthful food, they need healing touch and care. Just like everyone - but even more acutely, as they can't always choose these things for themselves.

I'm grateful to be a part of this family of people. I'm excited to bring holistic practices - slowly, but surely to the camp. I'm planting seeds and it feels good. I'm tired, dirty and grateful today! If you're interested in giving to this phenomenal cause, please do. You're gift TRULY changes lives.


Three FREE & EASY Ways To Get Your Vitamin D

Start with a little good ol' fashion sun worshipping:) 

The sun is the BEST way for your body to create free Vitamin D in house! It's a complex chain of events that happens during this process, but the bottom line is this: We get a little sun, and our liver and kidneys create up to 25,000IU of Vitamin D in one sitting. That puts supplements to shame by comparison. The most natural way is almost always the best way. 

  • Get at least 15 to 60 minutes of sun exposure per day (don't burn yourself! Just before you turn pink is ample exposure). Do this without sunscreen on your arms, chest, face and stomach if possible. Sun yourself as close to mid-day as possible for the UVB rays that help you to produce D. It must be direct sunlight while being outdoors. Sun exposure through a window blocks UVB.
  • Avoid showering for 12-24 hours after sun exposure to allow for the full absorption of Vitamin D. Vitamin D production begins on the skin where you have been exposed to sunshine. Showering frequently washes off the stuff that goes into the bloodstream and generates Vitamin D.
  • Stop wearing sun glasses every time you go outside. A portion of our Vitamin D making begins with sun entering our bodies through the retina of our eyes. I know everyone loves a pair of cool shades (present company included) and they are handy in many situations–like driving–but skip them a few times a week or more to enhance Vitamin D absorption.

In the winter for most people, supplementation of Vitamin D is necessary. Cod liver oil is one good source of D. Take double the recommended amount on the bottle for the first month to saturate your tissues. You can also supplement with an all natural Vitamin D3 supplement from your local health food store. Take this as recommended unless indicated by a practitioner your working with.

Some of these concepts are controversial and not considered "mainstream opinions" of health practices, but let's think about how we've evolved as humans: We've come this far without sunscreen or sun glasses: Could the human race being "sold" on slathering ourselves with toxic sunblocks be contributing to our widespread Vitamin D deficiencies? Could sunglasses impede our body in producing plenty of D? I think - YES, it could. 

Our health is optimal with a more natural, native diet; and with an existence closer to nature, we can thrive. We need the sun for survival. We need ample supportive nutrients to support the matrix of health that makes us truly well.

More Thoughts ...

... Most of us know by now the importance of Vitamin D.

Most obviously it nourishes our bones, teeth and immune health but a lesser known fact is that Vitamin D supports the body in its production of serotonin and melatonin–important neurotransmitters for feelings of wellbeing and sleep (respectively). Vitamin D deficiencies are also common with arthritis sufferers. How many people do you know with insomnia? depression? osteoporosis? More Vitamin D and a better diet can help.

Skip the Milk for Vitamin D absorption: 

Contrary to popular belief, pasteurized milk is not a good source of vitamin D or Calcium. Commercially available milk has been left devoid of many absorbable nutrients, and is inflammatory to most.

Pass on the milk and set your sights on the sun (not literally- don't stare at the sun).

But the sun has dangerous UVA-UVB rays, right?

Not exactly ...

Detrimental effects from the sun have more to do with deficiencies in our diets than excessive sun exposure. Ironically the detrimental effects of widely sold sunscreens and sun blocks are also very real.

---> So let's start with nutrients that protect us from the detrimental effects of sun exposure:

Nutrients you need for protection from detrimental effects of the sun:

  • Plentiful Essential Fatty Acids such as fish oil, cod liver oil, flax oil, coconut oil, and other essential fatty rich foods such as wild caught salmon and seeds and nuts. (Taking more than is recommended on the bottle is often necessary to shore up deficiencies) What fits in the palm of your hand is a good rule of thumb on a dose per day.
  • Plentiful antioxidants contained in ample fruits, vegetables and supplements. Several servings (what fits in the palm of your hand) of each per day with supplementation may be necessary with our exposure to oxidative stressors. (The arch-nemeses of antioxidants).
  • Plenty of purified water per day. 1/2 your weight in ounces per day. Choose Reverse Osmosis filtered water, alkalized water or some other form of reliable purification. At the very least a Brita filter until you can afford another source.

Avoid Commercially Available Sun Screens and Sun Blocks like the plague!

Go for brands like Badger Balm, Tate's, Aubrey's Organics, or other Mineral Based sun blocks.

Look for ingredients that you can pronounce, understand; especially if you have small children as the ingredients in commercially available sunscreens are absolutely toxic. 

Thanks for reading! Now go outside and play! :)


See Ya Shoulder Stress!

I was inspired to write this in the last week or so after spending a week in New Orleans. Needless to say we had a ton of fun. My favorite part of the trip was that we walked everywhere we went. A beautiful, old, walkable city she is indeed.

Comfortable (and cute) shoes were a must and thankfully I had them. I love my Merrell kicks   in case you're wondering. 

Comfortable (and cute) shoes were a must and thankfully I had them. I love my Merrell kicks in case you're wondering. 

So with all this eating and walking (hopefully a wash), after 4 days or so I noticed that the shoulder pain that I notoriously have every night laying in bed was completely gone.

If you're in the Big Easy, go here. Do it. You'll love it. If you're a hippie, yoga type for sure.

If you're in the Big Easy, go here. Do it. You'll love it. If you're a hippie, yoga type for sure.

Was it due to stress reduction from being on vay-cay? Perhaps. Or at least this was my initial thought. So I went merrily on my way, walking probably upwards of 2-4 miles each day. I did yoga at the local (and amazing) Swan River Studio on Canal Street three days also. Consistently - NO shoulder pain. 

So here's my hypothesis:

It's the daily walking that did the trick for my shoulder. Despite the traveling, poor eating, not taking my supplements as regularly as normal. Wow - Walking? Really?

Each day that I've been home (5 days in a row now), I've skipped the yoga studio. Mostly because I was busy with family for Mothers Day etc., and playing catch-up up from being out of town.

For the last 5 days, I've walked, daily. I did at least 2 walks per day for 25 minutes each. A couple of those days I walked twice that length of time. The walking has provided the circulation and movement that makes my shoulders feel happy when I lay my head down at night. They've always taught me at school that wherever there is lack of oxygen in the body there will be pain. More oxygen to the shoulders = Less Pain. 

For months on a nightly basis the pain has been formidable in my right shoulder. A few times I even slept on my Spoonk for lack of a better option. The pain would not allow me to rest! It feels so nice to have a reprieve. I'm going to keep walking, add the yoga back in and I think this is a nice balance for me. 

Here's what else may help for shoulder pain, tension and insomnia:

Magnesium taken internally: (I like Natures Sunshine Products) They are easy to swallow, 250mg tablets. I take 4-5 per night and a few in the day too - BUT THAT'S ME. If you get loose stools you know you've had too much magnesium. If that happens, take less. Magnesium decreases tension throughout the body, helps you sleep, decreases anxiety and stress, helps you absorb calcium from the rest of your diet and also encourages regular, easy to pass bowel movements. 

Magnesium Rich Herbal Infusions (herbal tea) such as: Oatstraw Herb (steep overnight and drink a quart first thing in the morning). GREAT for pumping the magnesium. Do it morning for a week, you'll sleep and poop like a baby. Also Peppermint, Chamomile and Red Raspberry is rich in magnesium and other minerals. 

Magnesium Chloride Foot Soaks. Get it at Free shipping too!!! Do 2 cups per foot soak in hot, purified water. It's incredibly relaxing and you'll sleep like the dead. I swear it. 

Lastly, yoga. Yes, yoga helps. It doesn't solve all the problems of your life and health, but I feel like it helps me to get closer to the answers, bit by bit. There are a million shoulder opening moves but here are a few that I love.

Do these along with a few cat-cows, 5-20 breaths in downward dog and perhaps a fish pose or bridge pose to open up your shoulders. Breath into the shoulders while you hold the postures. Softening your entire body the best you can as you hold the posture. One of the key points of yoga is to try to maintain strength and softness in your postures. We must have both to be healthy. 

A few final thoughts. 

If you work a desk job - change the way you do things. You are worth it! For the sake of your children, your significant other, your pets or your parents, do it. You'll feel better, live longer and be happier. You can do it!

Since sitting is the new smoking...

  1. Move your body every two hours. No if's ands or butts. Yes, I intentionally spelled it wrong. 
  2. Breath more consciously. If you are stressed and you catch yourself holding your breath, take 10 deep, slow breaths throughout the day. 
  3. Try to laugh more - it seems unrelated, I know. But indulge me. Go to youtube and find some funny shit to laugh at. It WILL alleviate stress, enhance happiness, and even decrease the severity of pain. 
  4. Take breaks from your laptop, your phone and all your electronics. At least an hour a day. Put the technology down my friend, it's ok. Give your brain a break!
  5. If you aren't sleeping well, having at least one bowel movement per day, area suffering from chronic pain and don't want to get on drugs, call me. I can help you with this. I do phone consults and I'm happy to chat with you free of charge for 15 minutes. I do charge $35 per half hour thereafter.