Myofascial Release Intuitive Touch

Try out this technique for long lasting, inflammation reducing, healing body work! I'm one of only a handful of people in my area doing John Barnes trained Myofascial Release. This technique of long holds on the tissue to release restrictions is quite miraculous. I've seen changes in my own body receiving the work, and giving it is a joy ! 

Please wear a large baggy tank top, comfortable bra for the ladies, and running shorts as I need access to all your tissue. 

60 minutes - $85

Myofacial Release Intuitive Touch

90 Minutes - $120

My bodywork is a relaxing and eclectic combination of many disciplines. I've studied Craniosacral Therapy, Light Healing Touch, Essential Oils Therapy, Color and Sound Therapy, Meridians Clearing, Emotional Clearing, EFT, Reflexology and Massage. I rely on YOUR body, to indicate to me what is needed in the moment using these teachings and my intuition. 

Through the gentle release of restrictions, muscle tension, cellular emotions and held beliefs the following ailments have been improved in my experience: Chronic Pain, Injury, Headaches, Improved Posture, Hip Pain, Reduction in Stress, Tension, Rigidity, TMJ, expedited healing from injury or surgery, improved energy and more.

Whatever you need at the session will be addressed. All of the techniques are non-invasive with clothes remaining on. Wear comfy "yoga" clothes, please no denim.


Schedule today for your Fantastic Feet February Reflexology Treatment!

Reflexology uses pressure points in the feet, with medium to heavy pressure to relax your entire body, AND ignite natural healing, cleansing and balancing effects from head to toe. Whether you're recovering from the flu, suffering from trauma, chronic illness - OR - just have SORE FEET! Reflexology has something to offer everyone in health. 

 1 hour - $85

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Naturopathic "Chat"

45 Minute Session - $75

Let's have a Naturopathic chat, shall we? I'll make simple, yet often effective suggestions for a holistic diet, medicinal plants, lifestyle changes and homeopathic remedies. My Naturopathic Chat is a short, sweet, and inexpensive option for someone who is new to Naturopathy and wants to make small changes to improve health While not as in depth as The Naturopathic Perspective Evaluation & Assessment Consult, it gives you a chance to stick a toe in the water, and see that the water is fine! Availability to upgrade to the full consult during the session is often possible. 

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Form prior to your consult. Cash or check is preferred.

Full Evaluation & Assessment Consult

90 Minutes - $180
This initial consult will include a combination of the following: holistic nutrition counseling with dietary guidance, blood typing if necessary, muscle response testing, addressing the emotional connections to illness with emotional wellness remedy recommendations, essential oil suggestions which expedite healing, body work and physically fitness suggestions, recommendations for minerals, natural supplements, homeopathic remedies and a custom made plan for implementing changes.

Please bring all your current supplements with you.

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Form prior to your consult. Cash or check is preferred.

Follow-Up Consultation

60 Minutes - $85
This includes follow up consult, assessment of progress, further natural nutritional counseling, adjustment of remedies and supplements if needed, specific detox protocol, introduction to other additional suitable therapies not yet addressed. Follow-Up consults are available up to 8 weeks after your Naturopathic Evaluation & Assessment Consult.

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Form prior to your consult. Cash or check is preferred.


45 minutes - $75

During the holidays, summer, and really anytime in life - we can over do it ! With stress, life changes, chronic illness, the wrong foods, alcohol, and even family and job stressors - the body endures A LOT ! Learn how to hit the RESET button on your health! With detoxifying foods, beverages, practices, you can feel better, you can heal your body and yes - even have a better mental emotional outlook too. Join me ! 


  • what specifically to change in your daily routine

  • what to eat and drink to ramp up metabolism, feel more energized and start fresh in the new year

  • shed pounds, stress, and bring the focus back to you, TODAY !

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Form prior to your consult. Cash or check is preferred.


Iridology is the art and science of assessing the internal conditions and tendencies of the body, based on markings, color, textures and formation in the iris and sclera, the whites of the eyes. 

We'll explore what your eyes say about your health! The eyes are not only the windows to the soul (as they say), they are an extension of the nervous system! They indicate much about what you've inherited in health from previous generations and with this knowledge, adjustments to diet and lifestyle can be a powerful tool for disease prevention. General recommendations will be made. 

1 hour - $85


IONIC FOOT DETOX -Please call to make this appointment


30 minutes - $25

This is a gentle way of removing impurities out of the body through the skin. It's simple! You stick your feet in and out comes the GUNK ! Including ...

•heavy metals
•cellular waste contributing to health challenges and more

Schedule at the top of the screen at the "Schedule an Appointment" button !

Children's Natural Health Consultation (12 and up)

60 Minutes - $85
I've had the pleasure of working with children to improve their health naturally. My children's consult includes suggestions for children safe herbs, minerals, homeopathic remedies, dietary guidance, allergy assessment and a custom made action plan for helping babies & young children come back into balance naturally. 

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Form for your child prior to the session.

Remote Consultation (via Phone/Skype)

60 Minutes - $100
Sometimes remote consultation makes the most sense. I'll spend an hour with you on the phone or video chat via Skype to walk through your concerns & make suggestions for herbs, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and suggest bodywork that would be helpful. When possible I will help you find a suitable professional in your area to assist you further locally.

Please submit a Wellness Assessment Form prior to the call to save time. 

Non-Emergency Acute Naturopathic Care: 

***If you need medical attention please call 911 !

$85 per hour (All required remedies for acute care will be provided at this price)
For situations with children or adults that are non-life threatening but require immediate naturopathic care. This includes fast suggestions on homeopathic remedies, herbs, natural antibiotics substances, wound care, first aid care, direction on where to get what you need fast and when necessary house calls. I am available by phone at 310.488.5536.