Naturopathic Consultation/Detox Consult

2 Hour Session - $150
This initial consult may include a combination of the following: natural nutrition counseling with dietary guidance, muscle response testing, addressing the emotional connections to illness with emotional wellness remedy recommendations, essential oil suggestions which expedite healing, body work and physically fitness suggestions, recommendations for minerals, natural supplements, homeopathic remedies and a custom made plan for implementing changes.

Please bring all your current supplements with you.

Please complete and submit a Wellness Assessment Form prior to your consult.

Craniosacral Therapy/Body Work

1 Hour - $75
Craniosacral Therapy is light touch, non-invasive bodywork facilitating the release of restrictions at the head, neck, spine and the entire body.

Through the gentle release of these restrictions the following ailments have been improved in my experience: Chronic Pain, Injury, Headaches, Improved Posture, Hip Pain, Reduction in Stress, Tension, Rigidity, TMJ, expedited healing from injury or surgery, improved energy and more.

In addition to Craniosacral therapy, I incorporate all that I have learned into my bodywork including light healing touch, energy work, chakra work, breath-work, reflexology and addressing emotional manifestation of illness into the physical body. Whatever you need at the session will be addressed. All of the techniques are non-invasive with clothes remaining on. Wear comfy "yoga" clothes, please no denim.

Raindrop Technique Plus 

1 Hour Session - $100

The Raindrop Technique was developed in the 1980's by the founder of Young Living Oils, Gary Young. The technique has evolved over the years but the benefits are the same! 

Lowering inflammation, decreasing pain, lowering the viral load of the body, killing harmful bacterials and microbes from the spine to the gut and more! Enhance your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing with these powerful oils: Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Basil, Wintergreen, Cypress, Aroma Siez and Peppermint Essential Oils by Young Living Oils.

The benefits are boundless! If you have chronic inflammation, allergies, cold sores, shingles, diseases of the spine like scoliosis, chronic pain, if you are healing from injury or surgery, if you have candida, parasites, gut and bowel disorders, back pain or are simply looking to increase vitality, a series of Raindrop Technique Plus might be just what your looking for. I recommend 3 in a short succession for best results.

I integrate all my bodywork techniques into this service. You will be receiving the Raindrop Technique (with 9 essential oils applied to the spine and feet), as well as other oils if needed, flower essences remedies for emotional balance, Craniosacral Therapy techniques, energy work, meridian work, fascial tissue release, reflexology and more. Whatever your body needs, is what will be giving.  

I give a discount on a package of three Raindrop Technique Plus services. 3 Services for $300 at a $75 savings.

Follow-Up Consultation

1 Hour Session - $75
This includes follow up consult, assessment of progress, further natural nutritional counseling, adjustment of remedies and supplements if needed, introduction to other additional suitable therapies not yet addressed. Follow-Up consults are available up to 8 weeks after the your Natural Health Consultation.

Children's Natural Health Consultation

2 Hour Session - $85
I've had the pleasure of working with children to improve their health naturally. My children's consult includes suggestions for children safe herbs, minerals, homeopathic remedies, dietary guidance, allergy assessment and a custom made action Plan for helping babies & young children come back into balance naturally.

Remote Consultation (via Phone/Skype)

1 Hour Session - $100
Sometimes remote consultation makes the most sense. I'll spend an hour with you on the phone or video chat via Skype to walk through your concerns & make suggestions for herbs, dietary changes, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and suggest bodywork that would be helpful. When possible I will help you find a suitable professional in your area to assist you further locally.


Non-Emergency Acute Naturopathic Care

$65/hr (Remedies I have included)
For situations with children or adults that are non-life threatening but require immediate naturopathic care. This includes fast suggestions on homeopathic remedies, herbs, natural anti-biotics substances, wound care, first aid care, direction on where to get what you need fast and when necessary- house calls. I am available by phone at 248.629.0558. If you need medical attention please call 911.